George Best Belfast City Airport has been sponsoring the Best Kept Awards Programme since 2017. 

Over six decades The Best Kept Awards initiative has played a huge role in engendering a sense of Civic Pride among communities in Cities, Towns and Villages throughout Northern Ireland. We want to support communities as they strive to improve the environment and the lives of its people – core values which we share. 

The support of the Best Kept Awards is just one element of the airport’s corporate responsibility programme which assists local communities across a number of facets.

At Belfast City Airport we deliver an award-winning Community Commitment Plan, focusing on Community, Education, Environment and People, which makes us a natural partner for the Best Kept Awards.

Belfast City Airport officially launched the Community Fund in February 2009 and since its inception has donated nearly £500,000 back into the Greater Belfast community by working with over 150 different groups, projects and charities.

George Best Belfast City Airport are proud of the contribution that they make to the growing prosperity of Northern Ireland, not only as a major gateway for business and leisure passengers, but as a catalyst for direct and indirect employment opportunities in and around the airport. However, we recognise the environmental impact airport operations can have and we are committed to addressing these impacts through our environmental policy, procedures and initiatives.

Our Environmental Policy

“through its programme of sustainable development, GBBCA is committed to achieving a balance between the social and economic benefits of the Airport’s growth and its environmental impacts. We will work with all airport ‘stakeholders’ including, statutory authorities, airlines, business partners and local residents to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment”.

GBBCA is a signatory to the Sustainable Aviation Strategy, a comprehensive strategy for the long-term sustainability of the UK aviation industry. The initiative brings together the UK’s leading airlines, airports, aerospace manufacturers and air navigation service providers. Signatories to the strategy are committed to delivering significant reductions in carbon dioxide emissions, nitrogen oxide emissions and aircraft noise over the next 15 years.