• Best Kept City: Cities with ‘City’ status
  • Best Kept Large Town: Over 15,000 Residents
  • Best Kept Medium Town: 8,001 – 15,000 Residents
  • Best Kept Small Town: 4,001 – 8000 Residents
  • Best Kept Large Village: 1,001 – 4,000 Residents
  • Best Kept Small Village: 0-1,000 Residents
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  • Best Kept Large Housing Area: Over 200 Dwellings
  • Best Kept Medium Housing Area: 51 – 200 Dwellings
  • Best Kept Small Housing Area: Up to 50 Dwellings
  • Best Kept Sheltered Housing Area
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  • Is there someone in your local community who has been actively involved in the ‘Best Kept Awards’ competition?
  • Have they motivated and inspired others to get involved?
  • Do you know someone with a passion for the environment?
  • Does that person always go that extra mile and made a positive difference in improving the environment for their community?
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Welcome Award

The Welcome Award, is open to first time entrants and those towns or villages which have been absent for 5 years.

Best Overall

Prizes will be awarded for the Best Overall Entry in the Schools, Healthcare and Towns and Villages categories.

Most Improved

The Most Improved Town/Village will receive an award.

President’s Trophy

This is awarded at the discretion of the President.

Ireland’s Best Kept Town

In March 1996 a new initiative was launched jointly between Northern Ireland Amenity Council and the Department of the Environment, Dublin to find “Ireland’s Best Kept Town”. Entrants for this competition come from the previous year’s winners of Best Kept Town and Village Awards and the Tidy Towns competition. All centres are visited during the month of May, with Awards presented in June.